Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The need for speed... and exceling at mediocrity

Several friends have posted really creative and beautiful things on their blogs lately and I am feeling a bit dry. I am a bit embarrassed to just talk about workouts, but I think it is important to share frustrations and challenges. It certainly helps me to know that good athletes have days that they don't want to get out of bed, that they have workouts that they dread, and that they mess up. I hope someday to be a good athlete, but I hope that just by being in the middle of the pack, I can remind the folks at the front that they have not always been there, and remind folks at the back that they are fine where they are, and, if they want, they can work their way up too.

Last week I started my first multi-sport build cycle of the year. My priority is speed with run, bike and swim taking focus in that order. It is a depressing process. I don't seem to get faster. I think that the excitement of the beautiful trails and the fun of running with great people has caused me to run faster than I should. Then, when I go to do "speed" work, I am tired and just training my body to go slower. There is a lot of literature on this. And a recent, succinct article in Outside magazine gets to the point
Beware of the Black Hole

Today I had a hard time running 4 consecutive miles at marathon pace. Ok, it is windy and I am a little under fueled, but I think I just went to hard on the bike yesterday. I have to own where I am and accept that slow and boring is where I need to be for most of my workouts. It is hard to watch my running buddies pull away, but, if I don't slow down and train smart, I will never be with them.

I am looking forward to tonight's social run. Not only will it be the first run in day light, but it will be a good test of my will power to stick at my own speed. I will be slow after this morning's "speed" work, but it is essential that I train to my level and stick with it!

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