Thursday, February 16, 2012

2011 - Whoa

I know that it is a bit late and that everyone else has done their post-year summaries. However, I was just looking for a photo and, as I scrolled through the photographic timeline of last year, I smiled. I had so many great times brought to me by so many people. I am not always a go-with-the-flow person, even if I would like to be, but last year I was surrounded by so many fun people, that I just let it take me. These are the results...

January - In addition to a ton of fun training runs for my first 50k, I also had some time to get out in the woods with friends. Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park.

February - My first Human Powered Brewery Tour as well as my first 50k at Moab's Red Hot 55k
March - Return to Moab for 24 Hours of Utah
April - Horsetooth Half

May - Ram Classic metric century

June - Teva Mountain Games, Bighorn Wild and Scenic Trail Runs (where I spectated and got roped into running the 50M this year), Exploring Colorado and Loveland Lake to Lake Olympic Triathlon
Me, post mud run at Teva Mountain Games

View from Dry Fork aid station at Bighorn
The Tomichi Trail in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. 1 mile 2000 feet of elevation change.

Don't let the smile fool you... I was hurting in the Loveland Lake to Lake Tri

 July - The Legendary run, bike, bike, run weekend... Saturday, my first Towers repeats after which I drove to Copper and road biked with Scott, Celeste and company on Sunday, Monday I drove to Leadville to meet S&C who were biking there, but I decided to take the MTB out on the legendary Leadville trails. When S&C arrived, we threw the bikes in the truck to go back to FoCo with Scotty and Celeste and I met FCTRs for a 20-33 mile jaunt on the Colorado Trail.
Day 2: Road biking in Copper

Biking Leadville Trails

Running the Colorado Trail with the A-May-zing Ean May
August - Running the Ute Trail with Cat, volunteering for Desperately Seeking Steamboat at the Wild West relay, crewing for Alex's crew at the Leadville 100, and the Lory Xterra.
Cat flying at 11,000 feet in RMNP

Awesomely 80s relay team

The most dangerous event at Leadville... Celeste and Kyle (she might be trying to kill him)
September - relay test run with Celeste, Dan, Scott and Cat
October - Blue Sky Marathon (my first trail marathon) and Runners without Borders (my longest run ever at 38 miles)... and Halloween.
Much needed aid from Coach C and Maddie

Arthur's Rock from the Petit route at RWB
Halloween Costume Progressive

November - Thanksgiving day run with Cat and Mary to cheer on our Trotting Turkeys, and Chubby redux run.
Ladies, racers and fan club

Brian grinding out the valley section of a long day on the Chubby Cheeks route

 December - Chubby Cheeks in the snow, 2nd annual VBM and ode to Ke$ha at the FCTR Festivus Party
Still smiling after a death-defying trip up Horsetooth Rock

It is all about the form, ladies
We don't just run. We dance!
And the year ended running Sarah to her 5k PR on New Year's Eve at the Resolution Run 5k.

No wonder I am tired!