Wednesday, March 23, 2011

... and it just keeps going

Last night we had quite the adventure on the weekly Fort Collins Trail Runners (FCTR) Reservoir Ridge social run. A sudden temperature drop and near hurricane force wind gusts made for some interesting, and funny-looking running. I am sure that if any cars saw us as we attempted to run while being buffeted like rag dolls, they commented on what a fit group of drunks were on the trails.

I was super tired, but Lindsay's promise of a free beer for being her cheerleader on Saturday (though I am not sure I did all that much) lured me to the Trailhead. I am so glad that I went because, again, I enjoy the FCTRs so much.

We had a fun conversation about how we all read each other's blogs. I learned about a few new ones, and I checked them out today. What a treat to have such amazing people around! I get so much energy from each interaction with these folks, even when they make me run up an evil mountain that makes me want to go fetal.

This weekend, I get to enjoy a relay with some of my favorite folks in the group. Friday morning we are headed back to Moab, Utah to run the 24 hours of Utah. My team consists of Alex, BrianJoselyne, and a new friend from Boulder. With luck Cat and Celeste will also have a team (though both of them are nuts enough to do the whole thing solo).

It may be completely insane to be looking forward to running roughly the equivalent to a marathon in 24 hours, through the night, in the desert and getting no sleep, but I am psyched. (check out Joselyne's blog for a note on running addiction). It isn't just that we are running, it is that I am going on an adventure with folks who do not let me let myself down.

In the months that I have been running with them, I have lagged far off the back of the pack numerous times. I have never heard anyone say anything unfair or mean about anyone else... not once. This is a radical change from what I have experienced before in group workouts. There is a good bit of competition in the group, but it is the definition of healthy competition. The only thing that would disappoint anyone in this group is if you just gave up... and that is pretty hard to do when you are out in a beautiful place with beautiful people.

So, off we go for another adventure. I don't know how this one is going to work out, but I am fairly certain we can't help but have a blast.

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  1. It is definitely going to be a great weekend in Moab. I am so glad you are going to be there. It will be fun and friendly competition-- as long as we beat Cat and Celeste's team.