Friday, August 23, 2013


I went to the beach today, and I got a new pet ... for about 10 minutes before she disappeared into the ocean. Okay, she wasn't really a pet, but I did get my very own baby sea turtle to release into the ocean. This was not my first (turtle) rodeo. My dad used to receive buckets full of baby sea turtles to release off the coast of Mexico. It was so exciting to watching the roiling mass of living bathtub toys. I loved how the little guys would wrap their leathery flippers around your finger when you held them. This was the first time I got to see them race to the ocean though because my dad would release them directly into open water to enhance their chances of survival.

So, Indonesia is pretty cool so far.

I also ate new food, went to a mall, walked all over the place for hours and booked a flight to Yogyakarta. I am not so good at the relaxing, but this bumper sticker made my day.


  1. Very nice. what was the new food and was it good?

  2. That baby turtle is so damn cute! Sigh...we are missing you so much already! I am so glad you have this blog though, it will help :) Indonesia does look beautiful and we hope you love the food and soak up all that gorgeous atmosphere. When you have a minute write up what the job will look like and send some photos...(if you have time). I LOVE the bumper sticker too! Thinking of you! D,N,A and Stella xxoo